Veronica Assevero

Obituary of Veronica Assevero

Grandma, You wanted to lift the world for me if it was too heavy for me. Your tough love will always be truly unmatched. I’m so happy to have been able to share so many joyful memories and laughs with you over the years and dance with you, when we would both recognize and watch classics with you while you told me about your fruitful career and experiences that the romances reminded you of.  I’m so grateful for all the Wisdom and the “ I Love You’s” that you gave me. There is truly nothing like a mother’s love and even an element more nurturing and heartfelt when a grandparent hugs you in sentiment , gives you candy whenever they can and sneaks a few dollar bills in my pocket when I wouldn’t even know. You had a gift for that.. I’ll remember everything. Everything. I Love You. I’ll miss you. I’ll remind the world. Often. Enjoy the water . Enjoy the breeze. Take your time. We’ll be fine ️.
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