Cremation Services by Simple Choices Cremation Service

Simple Choices Provides Compassionate Care and Service within the Means of All

Simple Cremation (Direct Cremation)

Most of our clients choose to have their loved ones or themselves cremated.

Simple Choices, Inc.   specializes and focuses on simple direct cremation.

  • This option does not involve preparation of remains, a viewing, or funerary rites and therefore is the least expensive and most affordable. 

  • Once all the legal requirements have been met and forms completed, the deceased is transferred to a local crematorium for cremation. 

  • Following the cremation, the ashes are received by the family in the urn or keepsakes they have selected.

Private Viewing Option

If the family wants to view their loved one and if circumstances allow, Simple Choices will arrange for a Private Family Viewing for up to 1 hour at our Facility by appointment. Our Licensed Funeral Directors will respectfully prepare your loved one to be viewed in a non-clinical setting.  

**Embalming is Not required by Law and you do not need to purchase a casket**

Because the deceased is not embalmed, this option is limited to immediate family members only.

Cremation Witness Option

Upon request, the family may witness the start of the cremation process. Simple Choices will arrange for an appointment for the family to meet one of our Funeral Directors at the crematorium with their loved one. Our crematoriums are very accommodating and familiar with these requests as it often is part of religious custom for a family member to start the cremation process.

In addition, Simple Choices, Inc. is experienced in the following services:

  • Delayed Transfers (if desired) and In-Home Viewings
  • Natural (Green) Burials
  • Environment-Friendly Caskets & Urns
  • Certified Mailing of Cremated Remains 
  • Arranging & Scheduling Burials in Saratoga National Cemetery
  • Arranging & Coordinating Military Funeral Honors
  • Arranging & Coordinating with Patriot Guard Riders 
  • Obtaining US Flag for Veteran & Flag Display cases
  • Arranging & Scheduling Burials (cremated remains & casketed remains) in cemeteries local and distant
  • Arranging, conducting & supervising memorial services in funeral homes, churches and cemetery chapels.