Comparing the Value of Our Service 

You deserve a choice in services at a price that is fair and affordable. This is precisely why we offer our service at a lower cost then most funeral homes.  Our pricing is intended to be far below the national averages. 

**Misconceptions can easily turn into misunderstandings**

This is why we highly recommend a personal visit or phone call with us before committing to another funeral home, discount cremation firm or internet sale. By personally speaking to us, you are able to make a clear distinction of the value we provide and the difference in our service. You will also have a reasonable sense on what to expect for costs.      

Do I need a Funeral Director? 

YES:   A Licensed Funeral Director is essential for the care and disposition of a deceased person.     

At a minimum, a licensed funeral director will personally transfer the remains from the place of death, obtain signed authorizations, complete, affirm and file the death certificate and secure the disposition permit. Once all of the legal requirements have been satisfied the deceased may be transferred to the crematory or cemetery. 

Our Professional Service Includes the Following:                  {Please call us for a consultation in your service area}

  • Licensed Funeral Directors on call to assist and support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Local Transfer of Remains into Our Care,
  • Sheltering of Remains in a Controlled Setting,
  • Basic Arrangements,
  • Securing Authorizations from Next of Kin or Designated Agent,
  • Securing, Completing & Filing of the Death Certificate, 
  • Securing of the Disposition Permit,
  • Notifying Social Security, 
  • Assistance in Placing Obituaries, 
  • Assistance in Securing Certified Copies,
  • Transfer of Remains to the Crematorium,
  • Return of the Cremated Remains to our Facility,  
  • Local delivery of cremated remains to the Family or a Cemetery*        {*Does not include a graveside service or supervision}

Additional Charges to Consider:


  • Alternative Container:    {This container is designed to encase the remains and offer dignified handling}
  • Urn Selection:                       $Prices vary based on selection. 
  • Keepsakes & Jewelry:      $Prices vary based on selection. 
  • Prayer/Memorial Cards:     $Prices vary based on selection. 

CASH ADVANCES:                 {Disbursements paid to Third-Parties on your behalf, but are not our charges}

  • Crematorium Fee:              $355
  • Certified Copies:                 $10 each
  • Newspaper Obituary:      $ Prices vary depending on length.
  • Cemetery Interment:       $ Prices vary depending on cemetery.

{Additional Services & Merchandise available upon request}