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In today's busy world, we are so busy living life that we delay putting our affairs in order. When a death occurs, survivors are left with unanswered questions during a very emotional time.

Pre-Arranging your final wishes provides your loved ones peace of mind and helps them avoid confusion, anxiety and extra expense during their time of loss. 

Please complete this form entirely and provide your information to receive information about our service - at no cost or obligation. 

Thank you for choosing Simple Choices for your cremation planning. In the following tabs below, you will provide information so we can best serve you and address your specific wishes.

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Who is this plan for?

Please indicate whether you or the loved one you are planning for is a veteran. Veterans are entitled to receive certain benefits that they may not be aware of. Our knowledgeable Licensed Funeral Directors can provide guidence on what a veteran will receive after their death when being cremated.

Please Note: a DD-214 or proof of honorable discharge is required to receive any kind of VA Benefit. 

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Cremation Service Options:

Please choose one of the following options, so we can best understand what you are seeking.

This section will cover the different options of what can be done with cremated remains, following the cremation.

Disposition Information (What will happen to the cremains):

**New York State Law states that "after 120 days of the cremation, unclaimed cremated remains will be returned to the Crematorium for a disposition, which may (or may not depending on the crematorium) include having them scattered." Once cremated remains have been scattered, they cannot be recovered. 

If you wish for the cremated remains to be placed in a cemetery plot, mausoleum or columbarium niche, please indicate the following (if applicable):

  • Cemetery Name
  • Cemetery Location
  • Plot Information (if known)
  • Lot Owner Information


Please identify who is the lot owner.

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​Sending Information via Mail:

  • If you choose to have information mailed to you, we will use the address that was initially provided at the beginning of the form. 

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  • If you choose to have information emailed to you, we will use the email address that was initially provided at the beginning of the form. 

Requesting a representative to contact you:

  • If you wish for us to contact you for an appointment or consultation, we will call the number you provided at the beginning of the form.

When asked to keep your information on file:

  • If you choose to leave us information for us to keep on file for a future need, we may (or may not) contact you depending on your specific instructions. Please indicate whether we may call or email you.
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