• Simple Choices Cremation (How Our Process Works)

Simple Choices has developed a Cremation in our area that is exclusive to all other funeral homes. Our process is special and unique because cremation has always been our primary focus since the beginning. 

Our Cremation Process is meant to ensure the highest level of respect and care for your loved one. The following multi-step process has been created to maximize our level of service to you and to give you a simple understanding of the cremation process.

  • Steps Prior to Cremation:

  • Your loved one is brought into our care* by one of our licensed funeral directors.

  •  Your loved one will have identification with them in our care at all times.

  • Any personal items with the body are recorded and kept in a secure locked area.​

  • After final arrangements have been made, your loved one will be placed into their selected cremation container. At this time, the container will be clearly marked and labeled for identification.

*If you wish, before cremation, you may see your loved one, hold their hand and say goodbye. Your loved one will be bathed and dressed in clothes provided by the family or a gown we can provide. This private moment would take place in our funeral chapel.

  • One of our managers reviews all paperwork and permits to insure authorizations and permits have been received.

  • Your loved one is transferred to the crematory by a licensed funeral director. 

  • At the Crematory:

  • Upon arrival at the crematory, a licensed funeral director and a representative of the crematory will review all authorizations and permits. Your loved one is logged into the crematory facility, where we will receive a cremation case receipt, to be kept on file at Simple Choices.

  • At this point, your loved one will be assigned a unique identification number. This is used to track every phase of the cremation and will accompany your loved one throughout the process.

  •  Steps after Cremation:

  • After the cremation is complete, your loved one’s cremains will be returned to Simple Choices in a temporary urn, along with the sticker label and cremation certificate. Once all information has been verified, your loved one’s cremains will be placed into their permanent urn or keepsake that you have selected.

Our staff will notify you to schedule a time for receipt of the cremains, whether it be picking them up at our arrangement center, delivery to your home or scheduling interment.

*Additional charges will apply for viewing, identification, upgraded merchandise, use of the funeral home, cremation witness.