Cremation Urns serve as a final resting place for a loved one’s cremated remains (“ashes”).

After cremation, the cremated remains will be returned to the family in a selected urn. Cremation urns may be buried in a cemetery (ground burial), placed in a cemetery niche (wall placement), or kept close to you at home.

Designs and construction are available in a variety of materials such as metals, including:  bronze, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Other materials include: marble, stone, wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass, and cloisonné.

Earth-friendly materials are also available in salt, gelatin, sand and paper.

Memento Chests are a special type of wood urn, crafted like fine furniture. In addition to the cremated remains, memento chests can store meaningful items such as the deceased’s own jewelry, letters or notes, photographs and other precious keepsakes.

Personalization is available and can serve as a meaningful tribute. Many of our urns can be personalized in different ways. This can be done with surface engraving or nameplates containing your loved one’s name and dates. Creating a unique urn, which reflects what was important to your loved one, can be accomplished in a variety of methods. Adding a picture, an emblem of military service, religious affiliation or spirituality is one of the few things families seek. “Life Symbols” and “Life Stories” tributes add a special touch.

Precious Keepsakes…

                                                              … a unique way to keep your loved one close.

Keepsake Urns are smaller urns. They too are available in many styles. Some keepsakes are identical to the full size urn. These vessels allow each family member to keep a small token of remembrance.

Another option is Remembrance Jewelry, which holds a small portion of cremains. These selections include a pendant or charm to be worn as a necklace, but bracelets and rings are also available.

Jewelry is available in a variety of materials: such as custom blown-glass, where a small portion of the ashes are mixed within a colored glass design. Larger blown-glass keepsakes are also available, as well as sterling silver, bronze, stainless steel and 14k gold.

Distinctive Tributes are our Specialty

Inspiration for true personalization can be found in many things—an esteemed career, a favorite hobby or a signature style. Our professionals are full of ideas to help you plan and design ingenious mementos that bring great meaning and comfort. 

Simple Choices offers the finest, as well as the largest professional cremation arrangement center and showroom in the Capital District. A tasteful assortment of urns and keepsakes with prices clearly marked are kept in stock on our premises.  We have the ability and experience to custom order anything you wish.

We will assist you in selecting the products that are right for you without sales pressure. To speak with a caring professional call us anytime at (518) 435-8030

For your convenience we’ve put together a selection of our urns, keepsakes, and jewelry so you can review your options from the comfort of your own home. Simply watch the selection button below to view some of the products we have to offer.

Our urns are on physical display in our professional showroom located at 218 2nd Avenue, Troy, NY 12180. We invite you to visit by appointment, simply call us to speak with a cremation professional today.

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