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Simple Choices, Inc.

Distinguished Cremation Service Provider

We are dedicated licensed professionals providing affordable, low cost cremation service to families throughout the Capital Region of New York State.

We are locally owned and operated with over 40 years experience in this community serving each family's needs personally and individually.

  • No Gimmicks
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No On-line print out vouchers
  • No bait-and-switch tactics

Please refer to our services & pricing page for more information on our offerings or call us at (518) 435-8030

The philosophy of Simple Choices is simple.

No one pays for services and merchandise they neither need nor want; you don’t subsidize funeral home facilities, staff, a fleet of vehicles, etc.

The hallmark of Simple Choices is respectful and dignified service provided with the utmost in convenience and affordability.

Simple Choices is the answer for families who seek cremation, direct or Green Burials, Home Funerals and Memorial Services that will coincide with their budgetary guidelines.

We are licensed by the New York State Health Department and staffed by New York State Licensed Funeral Directors.

Our service is available in the Greater Capital District and we will meet with you in the comfort of your own home, office, hospital or other health care facility, or our offices.

Pre-arrangements with pre-payment or no payment are available.

Our dignified and affordable cremation services includes removal of remains, obtaining and filing death certificate, securing cremation permit, cremation case, and delivery of cremains (within  the Capital District)

We are a participating provider for members of the

Memorial Society of the Hudson-Mohawk Region, Inc.

DFS Memorials helps families find affordable cremation service providers in select areas. DFS Memorials has chosen Simple Choices Cremation to be the exclusive and preferred provider of low cost cremation services to families locally. Click on DFS Memorials logo above to learn more.