Traditional established funeral homes

simply charge too much for direct cremation.

We understand that not everyone wants a traditional funeral service, and that's fine with us. Our thoughtful service was created to serve the needs of those who desire cremation, but especially those who wish for a personal level of service at the most affordable price.

We guarantee our price to be hundreds, even thousands of dollars less than what traditional funeral homes are charging for the same process. What makes us unique goes beyond price alone - its service - and our approach to cremation arrangements.

We at Simple Choices, distinguish our service through the willing attitude to fulfill the needs and wishes of every family we are privileged to serve. We know exactly what simple means and we respect and dignify simplicity.

If you would like information about arranging your  cremation ahead of time, if you need to arrange for a service today, or if you simply want to learn more about your options,    we would be pleased to assist you.

Call 24 hours a day at (518) 435-8030